Judah! Helping Believers Worship In Spirit And in Truth

How do you make people worship? The short answer is, you can't. It is humanly impossible to make people worship. Regardless of the talent of the musician, the mood of the worship service, the expertise of the worship, media or the volume of the music, nobody can make another person truly worship.  A worship leader or worship pastor aims to lead people into the presence of God. As a worship leader one must intentionally avoid empty worship, worship for show, and so on.  Worship is not about creation of an atmosphere it’s not about musical talent, either.  True worship is about exalting God for who He truly is.

Judah! fosters reverential worship of God because of His person, who He is and His character (Hebrews 12:28).Judah!’s  Reverential worship includes intentional  meditation on scripture and prayer. As a worship team Judah! is committed to facilitating true worship through teaching and demonstrating reverence for God, His words and consistent intentional prayer and meditation.